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Hey Kids! Do you know stuff? Math? Sports? Science? Pokemon? History? Music? Well then, let's play.


Brain Bowls Quizzes are online, fun, interactive contests with prizes every Sunday. You can even win a trip to Disney World for your whole family.


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The Brain Bowls is a fun trivia style competition where individual students from across the USA compete to answer questions from cool categories like geography, literature, video games and popular culture to win points. The daily competition allows all students the opportunity to compete against each other, on their appropriate grade level.

Each fun and engaging quiz that your child takes gives them not only an opportunity to have a great time competing, but accumulate valuable points that are redeemable for Amazon Gift Cards, Books, video games and other great prizes, daily, weekly and monthly! Standings will be published daily on our website, so you can keep track of your progress and what prizes you qualify for!

The ultimate goal is to qualify for our incredible GRAND PRIZE! The top 20 point earners in 2 categories* will qualify for a draw for a TRIP TO DISNEY WORLD! Now that's how you get out of the house in style, huh? This draw will take place the day schools open in the Fall and the Season will run from April 19th until August 30th (or until schools open)... every week.

There will be (2) Winners Drawn*: (1) 8 years old and under Winner; and (1) 9 years old and up Winner.

The Brain Bowls runs every Sunday! So sign up now and watch your points go up, up, up as you play and win your chance to go to Walt Disney World! ($6 per game or a Monthly pass of 20 games for $90).

*Financial assistance is available for all group programs


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